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The GOP Will Not Govern, 2016

This Book is a Mistake: Understanding Buddhism,, 2015

A Genealogy of Queer Theory, Temple University Press, 2000. Highly accessible account of notoriously difficult topic.

Co-editor, with John D’Emilio and Urvashi Vaid, Creating Change: Sexuality, Public Policy, and Civil Rights, St. Martin’s Press, 2000. Pioneering collection of mostly original articles, still unique thirteen years later. Wrote first chapter.


“The National Masturbators’ Task Force; or, the Importance of LGBT Political Organizing for Evaluating LGBT Equal Protection Claims in Competition with Free Exercise of Religion Claims,” The Journal of Law and Sexuality, forthcoming

“Of George Wallace Buttons and Turkey Tetrazzini: The Experiences of the First Cohort of African Americans to Attend a Previously Segregated Law School,” 16 Texas Wesleyan Law Review 2010

“’The Ultimate Victory of a Productive Life’: Ben F. Johnson, Jr. and African Americans at Emory Law School, 1962-1971,” Journal of Legal Education, April 2009

“’A Bulwark Against Anarchy’: Affirmative Action, Emory University, and Southern Self-Help,” 5 Hastings Journal of Race and Poverty Law 195, 2008

“Judicial Policy Innovation and Diffusion: Holtzman v. Knott and Lesbian Parent Visitation Rights,” The Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law, and Justice, 2007

“’The Gay Rights State’: Wisconsin’s Pioneering Statute Prohibiting Sexual-Orientation Discrimination,” 2006 Wisconsin Women’s Law Journal

“The Perils of Marriage as Transcendent Ontology,” Georgetown Women’s Law Journal, 2006
Comment: “Putting the Contract into Contractions: Reproduction, Contraceptives, and the Founding of the Republic,” 2005 Wisconsin Law Review

“Lesbian/Gay Rights and Immigration Policy: Lobbying to End the Medical Model,” Journal of Policy History 7/2, 1995

“Class, Controversy, and Contraceptives: Birth Control Advocacy in Nashville, 1932-1944,” Tennessee Historical Quarterly, 53/3, 166-79

Shorter Works

Review, Fred Fejes, Homosexuality and Moral Panic: The Origins of America’s Debate on Homosexuality, Journal of American History 2009

Review, Tanya Erzen, Straight to Jesus: Sexual and Christian Conversions in the Ex-Gay Movement, CLGH Newsletter, Spring 2008

Review, Pippa Holloway, Sexuality, Politics, and Social Control in Virginia, 1920-1945, 94 Journal of American History 322, 2007

Review, Steven Seidman, The Social Construction of Sexuality, CLGH Newsletter, Spring 2006

Review jointly, Nan Alamilla Boyd, Wide-Open Town: A History of Queer San Francisco to 1969, and Peter Boag, Same-Sex Affairs: Constructing and Controlling Homosexuality in the Pacific Northwest, Journal of American History, 2003

Review, Ellen D.B. Riggle and Barry Tadlock, eds., Gays and Lesbians in the Democratic Process: Public Policy, Public Opinion, and Political Representation, H-Net Reviews in the Humanities and Social Sciences, June 2001

Entries on queer theory, PFLAG, American Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender History and Culture¸ Marc Stein, ed., 2003

Editor, section on LGBT Civil Rights Movement, Encyclopedia of American Social Movements, Manny Ness, ed., 2002

Entries on sexuality, sexual orientation, Defense of Marriage Act, Dictionary of American History, Stanley Kutler, ed., 2002